Grupo Capricciosa

Grupo Capricciosa was born in 1995 with Doca de Santo, one of the first restaurants to establish itself in Doca de Santo Amaro, Lisbon.

Always focused on the well-being of customers and the opening of exclusive spaces with some of the best views in the city, the Group has grown and diversified.

The ongoing commitment to presenting distinct concepts, the privileged locations overlooking the river or the sea, and affordable prices in most of the restaurants are the essence of Grupo Capricciosa and the pillars on which the brand’s growth is built. We welcome people of all ages in all our spaces, and as such, we adjust our culinary offerings by promoting a range of restaurants with diverse proposals.

The Italian cuisine of Capricciosa, the quality Portuguese cuisine at Doca de Santo, the beer and the sports fever at Irish&Co., the tacos, tequila, and Latin American fiesta at Lat.a, the healthy eating without being fundemental at Selllva, the journey back in time to Nonna’s house with the reinvention of Italian dishes at Sophia are synonymous with a multifaceted Group where the most important thing is the experiences.

The good experiences.