Distinct concepts, privileged locations, and affordable prices are the soul of Grupo Capricciosa.

Grupo Capricciosa

Grupo Capricciosa was born in 1995 with Doca de Santo, one of the first restaurants to open in Doca de Santo Amaro in Lisbon. Always focused on customer well-being and opening exclusive spaces with some of the best views in the city, the group has grown and diversified since then.

Doca de Santo

Doca de Santo was the first restaurant to open in Doca de Santo Amaro in 1996 and is a Lisbon institution. The restaurant was updated in 2018, bringing a fresher look that blends perfectly with its location, close to the river.

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Bold and colourful – that’s how Doca de Santo’s neighbouring restaurant describes itself, bringing the best of Latin American gastronomic culture to the Lisbon Dock’s. This restaurant is for those with enough audacity to challenge the conventional and experience the best of life.

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Capricciosa Pizzas Artesanais

The Italian restaurant brand Capricciosa was born almost two decades ago with a concept of artisanal pizzas, focusing on privileged locations with spacious terraces.

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Irish & Co.

Irish & Co. is a sports bar with a Lisbon heart and an Irish soul, located in Parque das Nações. With a vintage decor and a rustic atmosphere, it’s the perfect meeting point for casual get-togethers.

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Located at Rua Mouzinho da Silveira 32, in the heart of Lisbon’s financial district, Selllva offers healthy cuisine without being fundamental. The goal here is to eat well.

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Sophia’s world has always revolved around the table, just like her grandmother Isabella. Inspired by a family recipe book that’s been written over three generations, Sophia reinvents Italian cuisine every day, combining only the best ingredients with the healthiest combinations and cooking techniques.

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Capri Lovers

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